Monday, January 29, 2018

Ski Trip

Last weekend, I went on a ski trip with my Boy Scout troop. They always start the year off easy, like as in sleeping in a hotel, and then go hard, like sleeping in a tent you put up yourself. So, since this was the first trip of the year, we stayed in a lodge called Granlibakken. It had a heated pool, and we did the Boy Scout Angel Challenge where you jump into the snow in just your swim suit, and then run back to the hot tub. We got our skis, boots, and helmets, and then went to another ski resort called Homewood. We had fun skiing, and I taught another scout who never skied before how to ski.

Here I am at the top of the mountain.

Here I am on the chair lift.

Now, In this picture, we conquered the single black diamond I will tell you about later, and are about to go down a much easier blue square.

I had a really fun time skiing. One time, a couple of scouts and I accidentally came across a double black diamond, and we took our skis off and walked down. Then, we got to a single black diamond on purpose, and I fell twice. However, even though it was only my 3rd time skiing, I made it down safely!

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